Angeline Goh is our artistic director and curates one of Sydney’s largest collections of unique and personalised ceramic pottery, hand crafted by men and women who have learned the skills from their fathers, who learnt from their fathers, over generations of time. 

Angeline has been designing gardens, interiors and these spectacular ceramics for over 10 years. Each piece has been designed and handmade within parings of 2 so that each ceramic is forever unique.

Her fastidious approach to garden design has been a hallmark of her tailored service to each and every customer. From working with clients direct on exclusive gardens along the east coast or for local landscapers Angeline has shared her passion of design with every project.


“Passion is the fire that creates our lifestyle ceramics”


Visit our showroom to see and feel the dedicated craftsmanship skills, redefining the standards of today’s ceramics.

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